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(Post has been edited a little, the content is the same. I realized a Read More cut would be necessary. ^^;) 

Hallo, fellow once_upon_a_fic exchanger! This is my very first fic exchange, and like any newbie I'm really excited to be part of this. ^_^ Fairy tales, folklore and etc. are endlessly fascinating to me, as I'm sure they are to you, so if you have a different idea for one of my fandoms that you want to write, knock yourself out! 

-Works with a heavy focus on relationships (preferably platonic, but friends-with-benefits is good too)
-Adventures and quests (from traveling to another country to the Afterlife and anything in between)
-Origin stories and "What happened next?" stories
-Stories dealing with heroism--what makes a hero, what's the line between hero and extremist, the differences (and similarities) between the Hero's Journey and The Heroine's Journey
-How creatures/people become more than the sum of their parts due to their relationships with others
-Humor, even in dark situations

Do Not Wants:
-Dead Baby Comedy. (Laughing at/in the face of death is fine, mocking corpses is not)
-Horror (particularly when the horror is derived from how "repulsive" in look and deed the villain is).
-Graphic violence, particularly of the torture porn/guro flavor.
-Rape, humiliation (especially not in public)
-Slut-shaming and other sex-negative things in that vein

The Fandoms:

Der Rattenfänger von Hameln | The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Characters: Any

Sources: Project Gutenburg's version

One thing I will say ahead of time: please don't make the Pied Piper a child-eater/outright villain. He personally strikes me as more amoral than immoral, and thus more akin to a child himself.

Prompt #1: Obvious question is obvious, but: where did the Pied Piper take the children? Did he treat them well? (Is he a Fae, and thus did he take them to the Land of the Fae?) Did he teach them ratcatching/pipe-playing? Were the kids under his spell when they left, or did they go of their own free will? 

Prompt #2: Did the lame/injured child ever grow up and try to seek out the Piper himself, once they grew older and knew about the adults' cheating him? How do you have a civil conversation/repay a debt to someone that inclined to retribution? (Perhaps a justice vs. revenge argument a-brewing?)

Diarmuid O'Dyna and the Loathly Lady
Characters: Any

Sources: Project Gutenburg (it's called "The Daughter of King Under-Wave", sounds much cooler), also this Celtic Encyclopedia page on The Loathly Lady as an archetype

Prompt #1: It's implied/possible in the tale that the land of Under-Wave is also, well, the Underworld. When Diarmuid dies, can the Loathly Lady seek him out and take him to her home?

Prompt #2: Did Diarmuid's love-spot work on the Loathly Lady or not? Did her curse cancel out his? And if so, that would make her the one woman who cared for him of her own volition...tragic love ahoy, basically!

Prompt #3: Was the Red Man really telling the truth about that prophecy? (Perhaps after Diarmuid refuses to even hear about the prophecy, the Red Man follows him back to the palace and tries to tell him anyway; Diarmuid soon finds himself running out of ways to say "No thank you"...)

The Epic of Gilgamesh
Characters: Any

Source: Maureen Gallery Kovacs version, the 1901 translation, and this translation of tablet XII  (Tablet XII is often not considered canon, but there's interesting details in there that could assist) 

Prompt #1: Did Enkidu and Shamhat remain friends after he and Gilgamesh became friends? Gilgamesh clearly knew her beforehand; did the three of them get to have an adventure together too?

Prompt #2: On that note, how did Gilgamesh meet Shamhat?

Prompt #3: Shamhat introduced Enkidu to human society/interactions, so what did Gilgamesh teach Enkidu about the royal life?

Prompt #4: There's a tablet not considered canon-compliant to the Epic (tablet XII), which details Enkidu going into the Underworld (to fetch Gilgamesh's ball and mallet) and then returning, happily telling his King all that he has seen. Point is: what if, instead of Enkidu dying as in canon, he instead is brought back to life (by the grace of the Underworld's god/dess, perhaps?) only to find that his friend has in his grief gone off to search for immortality--leading to a wild goose chase?

The Firebird and Princess Vasilissa
Characters: Any

Sources: Sacred's version

Prompt #1: Going by the tale itself, it appears the archer and his horse of power have done quests like this before, albeit probably not under pain of death. What else have they set out to retrieve/acquire for some Tsars?

Prompt #2: What is the land of Never like, further in? Did Princess Vasilissa and the archer go back there to get her silver boat/build a summer home/ensure everything was running smoothly?

Prompt #3: How did the Tsar of the Lobsters become the Tsar? Is there lobster political intrigue to be had in the land of Never? (Make it as humorous or Game of Thrones-esque as you like!)

Prompt #4: Are Princess Vasilissa, the archer and his horse of power immortal? Will they have to stay permanently in the land of Never one day?

I hope this letter is of inspiration to you, and look forward to your fic! :D
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