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 Dear M/M Rares partner--hallo! I hope this letter helps you when it comes to inspiration--you don't have to take any of the prompts if you don't want to, just follow my likes/dislikes and things should go well. I look forward to whatever you have for me!

My likes are:
-Friends with benefits (with both aspects given equal time)
-Enemies to friends to lovers/enemies to lovers
-Canon divergence AUs and What Ifs
-Master-servant/leader and second in command dynamics, partners 
-Obsession between the hero and villain, mutual or not (of the "do you want to kill him or do him?" variety)
-Seductions (to the light/dark side, to bed, or both--possibly counts as dub-con)
-Quests (for an item, for a person/family, for a home...)
-Found families

My dislikes are:
-Problems caused by misunderstandings that could be cleared up by talking
-Watersports & scat
-Public humiliation

As far as ratings go...G to R would be best, I think. 

Now, the fandoms/pairs! (...I'm sorry some of these are so long. ^^; If it helps, the fandoms are in alphabetical order!)


Gilgamesh/Iskandar (Archer/Rider): If Gilgamesh/Enkidu wasn't my favorite pairing with Gil, Gil/Iskandar would be. I love their relationship, how it goes from disinterest to genuine respect, how they're basically kingly drinking buddies, and how their arrogance could fill the Grand Canyon. The lack of fic disappoints me so. This shall be fixed! :D Possible ideas for them:
-What if Iskandar somehow managed to stay in this world with Gilgamesh after the War? Would he be able to show Gil humanity's good side, would he grudgingly agree with him? (Waver is obviously welcome as a young protege.)
-Gilgamesh said Iskandar could challenge him again any time he liked. Does that apply for other Holy Grail Wars, or the Throne of Heroes itself? (Since we don't know much about the Throne of Heroes, feel free to go wild!)
-Some mentions of their similar losses i.e. Enkidu and Hephaistion, respectively, would be nice

Tohsaka Tokiomi/Matou Kariya: It feels like these two have a history together--or maybe their history begins with Aoi. The thing that struck me about their relationship is how it's very "so close, and yet so far". They seem to want to understand each other, but their worldviews repel any understanding. Naturally, this calls for ridiculously-drastic measures! (Also, I'd like for Aoi to be respected, since Tokiomi and Kariya clearly do.)
-For some reason I love the idea of these two lost in the wilderness somewhere and having to rough it. H/C optional, but not required.
-Speaking of Hurt/Comfort, what if Tokiomi took pity on Kariya and dragged him off to the Tohsaka mansion for healing? Would they be able to reconcile their differences then, or not?

Kotomine Kirei/Tohsaka Tokiomi: I like their Master-servant/Mentor-protege dynamic, and how Kirei seems to have seamlessly become part of the family. I'd prefer Tokiomi's POV, but if you'd prefer writing Kirei that's cool too! (The Aoi detail above applies here, though with Kirei's women-issues "respect" will obviously have a strange tinge to it.)
-I would like to see how Kirei's training went, particularly since Kirei's a genius and Tokiomi put in a lot of time and effort to get where he is. (Some slight resentment, perhaps?)
-Silly prompt is silly: Tokiomi being fascinated by Kirei's feats of strength/physical prowess and subtly engineering opportunities for Kirei to show off (and Kirei being aware of this and being confused?)
-Did Kirei try to push Tokiomi's various emotional buttons during their time together, unconsciously or not? You bet. (Whether Tokiomi keeps his cool or loses it is up to you, both are interesting.)
-I'm not sure what the power difference between them is, but it'd be interesting to have them spar (and then have things get awkward.)

Emiya Kiritsugu/Kotomine Kirei: Ah, the (more) obvious screwed-up pair of the bunch. This is where the obsession and dubious morality/consent come to play, given how very complicated and just plain weird their relationship is. Pre-series, post-series in those ten years pre-F/SN, canon-divergence AUs, it's all good.
-Since Kirei is the spiritual surgeon of the two, it'd be interesting to have H/C with him as the guy in need of comfort. (He'd be the worst patient ever.) Kiritsugu debates whether to keep helping him or speed his death along. Maybe it's when they're younger (since I believe Kirei says they've met before?) and not as sure of themselves, leading to strange late-night conversations about ethics.
-Actually, the "surviving in the wilderness together" prompt for Kariya/Tokiomi works well here, too. (Maybe pre-series, but this could also work for shortly after Fate/Zero, when Kiritsugu's trying to get Illya back from the Einzbern's...)
-Seduction to the lightish-grey side--Kiritsugu deserves a chance to have the upper hand in these prompts! (Basically, he somehow gets to Kirei before Gilgamesh does--or they both do, and Kirei has to choose.)

Fate/Stay Night:

Archer/Emiya Shirou: This is a ship that kinda relies on what-ifs and canon divergence to work (not because of Archer's identity so much as the Holy Grail War's time constraints), which is fine. I like how their differences and similarities are emphasized, and how in many ways Archer is unintentionally mentoring Shirou (while, er, also trying to kill him). Speaking of which...
-On Rin's orders (in a /Hollow Ataraxia-esque scenario), Archer teaches Shirou how to use his projection Magecraft without killing himself. Unfortunately, they're both perfectionists--and Shirou finds himself increasingly fascinated by Archer's experienced fighting style and stories of being on the battlefield. (The stories would come out grudgingly, since this is Archer we're talking about.)

Ryuudou Issei/Emiya Shirou: Issei is practically the definition of "loyal friend with an unrequited crush", and I like how he brings a touch of practicality to Shirou's life. Since we don't see much of Shirou and Issei's relationship, I'd like to see how these two interact in general--in domestic scenarios or more dangerous ones.
-Silly prompt: the trials and tribulations of trying to make a surprise...anything when the recipient knows you like the back of their hand/desperately wants to help out too.
-Shirou gets sick/injures himself somehow, and Issei has to take care of him while fending off Shirou's protests that he can do everything, really! 

James Bond:

James Bond/Alec Trevelyan: My childhood ship, right here. Their totally in-sync partnership, the competency, the betrayal, the attempt to win James over, the respect and resentment, the obsession! :D Funnily enough I'm not that interested in having Alec avoid death--I like how his arc ends just fine, though I wish he could be mentioned in other Brosnan!Bond films. Anyway, I'm more interested in pre-film or during-the-film, to wit:
-How did James and Alec meet, and how long did it take for them to become that much of a unit? 
-Five times James and Alec shared everything, and one time they didn't. 
-Alec's thoughts when he captures James for the first time.
-They totally practiced seduction tactics on each other--and sometimes they worked! (What's their personal thresholds for "too cheesy", anyway?)

The Road To El Dorado:

Miguel/Tulio: My other childhood ship--for a lot of the same reasons as James/Alec, actually! (Though with less of the obsession part.) Pre-, during-, or post-film is all good by me. I love how Miguel and Tulio bounce off each other, both comedically and dramatically, and I'm especially fond of how Tulio can't quite resist Miguel's sad faces even when he knows full well he's being played. I also enjoy how Miguel is a constant optimist, and Tulio's a little more grounded--but they both prefer their schemes complicated and know when to cheat. (I don't have as many prompts for this pair, since their open-endedness and open-beginnings are part of the charm, if that makes sense.) I'd prefer no Chel-bashing--she's their partner in crime, after all.
-How long did it take them to have the "melodramatic argument/fencing escape" down? (And how many times did they accidentally-on-purpose punch each other in the face?)
-After El-Dorado, treasure maps seem to be practically seeking them out...are they real or fake, and how are they getting into Tulio and Miguel (and Chel's) hands?

Thanks for reading!
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