Jul. 17th, 2015

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 So the only eventful thing that happened today was that my cat brought a mouse up from the cellar...and proceeded to lose it. Warrior Cat he ain't, clearly.

So after hunting around with him for about a half-hour before giving up, I had dinner, and soon found he'd resumed his Tom and Jerry routine while I was busy. (Best part: at one point that mouse was actually underneath him when he lay down--he almost didn't notice!) After a few rounds of the mouse playing dead, hiding under a doorstop (and somehow not getting crushed; I swear this mouse had/has the rodent equivalent of Battle Continuation), and narrowly escaping multiple times, I finally caught him under a plastic container. The chase was done!

...And then I struggled with putting the lid on the container without setting the mouse free/suffocating him. I can call my cat too lazy and gentle all I want, but I've clearly got the same problem! Eventually I needed an extra pair of hands to put the lid on, and thankfully that went without a hitch (save for some bellowing for assistance on my part).

That was a few minutes ago, I think. Now, the mouse is outside, free from both cats and containers and probably telling all his mouse friends about the time he cheated death. Hopefully he'll warn his brethren away!


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