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 In an effort to try to have more things in this journal than exchange letters (and to stave off current writer's block), I've decided to try the 30 Weeks of Anime challenge, based off the original 30 days challenge that's been floating around for awhile. 

So, the first prompt is in some ways the hardest:
1: Anime You Want To Watch

I did attempt to go on a binge of various anime I'd never seen before, and out of my to-watch list I got to three: Kanon, Paranoia Agent, and up to episode 9 of Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Christo. (Actually, Gankutsuou probably counts for the "to-watch" still.) I enjoyed/am enjoying all three! 

But anyway, that's what I did watch. Naturally I'll probably never watch every anime I want to see, especially since my vision makes watching subs rather iffy, and not every anime gets a dub. So, naturally, I have to prioritize those with a dub (or a manga/novel adaptation or source, in the case of those that never get dubbed).

With that in mind, anime I want to watch are, in no particular order:

Various Gundam shows that look interesting (started Wing, wound up watching and finishing War In The Pocket). I don't know if I'd call myself a Mecha genre fan, but a lot of Gundam's themes really resonate with me, and I really liked War In The Pocket's characters (and I think there's a direct sequel?), so I assume there'll be more characters like that running around in this franchise. Admittedly I'm not exactly a fan of Sunrise as a company these days--the shows they've put out recently have been very not to my taste--but that shouldn't be a problem.

Speaking of, Vision of Escaflowne is another show I've had on my to-watch pile for awhile. A girl from our world gets transported to a science fantasy planet? Good. Whether she can save the world is up for debate? Interesting. There's lots of conflicting loyalties, but there's still a tight-nit group in the center of it all? Great! (Also great: Mechs shaped like suits of armor that are powered by dragon hearts! As well as being rather sad...) I love the art style, too, and it seems like it aged very well.

Durarara!!'s later seasons. I watched the first season a year after it aired, and it and Blue Exorcist helped get me back into anime after a too-long hiatus. I'm also reading the light novels as they come out in English (...very slowly, since I'm reading The Martian right now), so it'll be fun to see the differences between adaptations, as well as spend more time with these awesome characters.

K Project (or just K), mainly because the first episode uses a writing style that I love: it drops you into the action without holding your hand, and apparently has many details that make more sense later/on rewatch. I heard this more from people who dislike this approach, which is understandable. But for me, I love putting the pieces of a plot together and having to guess at some things, as well as the classic "Agh, I should've known!" facepalm I'll obviously be doing somewhere down the line. Bring on the in medias res--and the fights between attractive psychics in a beautiful city! (...Yeah, that city's probably not going to look beautiful for long.)

...And that's it, so far! I'm sure there are more I didn't think of. (I just now noticed Urban Fantasy/Science Fantasy is a common theme. Quelle surprise!)


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