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Here we go, another entry for the 30 Weeks of Anime challenge I decided to try! And as it turns out, this week's prompt is more difficult than the last: Anime I'm Most Ashamed of Having Enjoyed.

...Mainly because I feel no shame in what I enjoy. To spare whoever's reading this a lecture, I'll just say people shouldn't be ashamed of the fiction they like, whatever that may entail. (Trying to shame others for their tastes, or forcing people to like what you like for whatever reason is a terrible idea. Speaking from experience... ^^;)

Unfortunately, this doesn't answer the prompt, about this: Serious Scene From An Anime That Made Me Laugh Instead? Sure, this'll work! It's arguably embarrassing, so it still fits the theme...

And the answer is: the end of Griffith and Guts' water-fight scene in Berserk. (AKA "The naked water fight"~!) 

Now, the water fight itself is heartwarming and silly--a welcome relief in a story that can be very dark at times. And the behelit is a creepy Chekhov's Gun offset by Griffith's cheesy grin and teasing "Be afraid~." That's not what made me crack up at an unfortunate time.
What did, however, was during Griffith's speech to Guts (2:20) about how their greatest battle is just ahead, and how Guts belongs to him and Griffith will choose where/when he'll die, etc. Specifically when Griffith turns around...and his groin is in ominous shadow. Aside from it being rather silly censorship wise (The buttocks are good! The penis is evil!), it's also jarring because there was no shadow there before, and Griffith isn't standing near enough to the wall for that to shade him. Said censorship is even stranger given that we see Guts' penis several times in the manga. (And if memory serves, we do see Griffith's later...but by that point it enters into DO NOT WANT territory. Oh well. 
Yes, it's more subtle foreshadowing, but it's ridiculous-looking to me. 

Watching that part with group of friends was rather awkward. "No, I'm not laughing at the suggestion of Guts' death. I'm telling the truth, don't look at me like that!" 
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