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(Also I finally finished "A Sad, Exalted Dream" a few days ago! *throws confetti and falls over*) 

So yesterday I saw Jupiter Ascending. And I loved it so much. (Why yes, I'm aware my taste is objectively terrible. What can I say? I love campy things. :D Not 24/7, but a large chunk of the time.)

It makes me really sad that the box office says it's going to flop, because frankly I love ridiculous genre works like this and I want all more of them. I was really intrigued by the worldbuilding we got (it feels like there was more, please let there be a Directors Cut), and I enjoyed the characters (Jupiter and Stinger especially, why I'm not 100% sure, will have to think on that). Obviously there was some plot wonkiness here and there--it feels like this was a three hour movie/a miniseries/a book trilogy that got an hour chopped off. But the weird thing is that even when you know you're missing something, everything still makes sense enough that you can roll without no problem. I was hoping for more philosophy amid all the delicious cheese--it feels like there was plenty that was cut, so maybe in a Director's Cut...?

My one real beef regarding scene placement, though, is near the beginning--i.e. we're technically introduced to our main villain Balem Abraxes twice. First with his siblings (who all act like actual siblings toward each other, grumpy endearments and all, despite being immortal aliens), and immediately after that when he's going back to the planet he owns/calls home. There's nothing wrong with either scene on a cinematography, writing or acting level, but...

Of the two scenes, the second one feels way more like an introduction: the slow reveal of him, from his rejuvenating bare flesh to the empty look in his eyes to the sheer ostentatious size of his spaceship (and planet), not to mention the menacing score backing him all adds up to Pay attention to this guy, he's bad news. Clearly it should've been our first look at Balem. (Maybe put the scene with the Abraxes siblings together in between the scenes with Jupiter's family as a contrast?)

Like a lot of people, I quite liked Aegis and that whole crew, as well as reliable Advocate Bob--may be battle through space-beurocracy another day! Kalique was another character who left too soon, but then again despite being an antagonist she and Jupiter got along almost too well for there to be any protagonist-antagonist conflict. (Perhaps Kalique is a sore loser at the galactic equivalent of chess, I dunno.)

...And yes, I'm writing fic for Jupiter Ascending. Trying, anyway. There's five fics on AO3, it's a start!


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