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2015-10-05 05:52 pm

A New Tablet of The Epic of Gilgamesh Has Been Discovered/Translated!

And it had a long, long journey to get there.

 Here's the link.

This is so cool! In this version, it's made clearer that Enkidu knew Humbaba when he was younger, which is interesting. Also, Humbaba in this version isn't an ogre so much as a King himself, with a chorus of monkeys and other animals to entertain him! (Maybe that's how Enkidu knew him--a friend of a friend?) 

This means Gilgamesh and Enkidu aren't (just) monster-slayers, but King-slayers, which would certainly explain the events that happen after. Well, more than they are already.

Here's hoping there's still more tablets out there!
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2015-10-01 04:26 pm
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30 Weeks of Anime, Week 2

Here we go, another entry for the 30 Weeks of Anime challenge I decided to try! And as it turns out, this week's prompt is more difficult than the last: Anime I'm Most Ashamed of Having Enjoyed.

...Mainly because I feel no shame in what I enjoy. To spare whoever's reading this a lecture, I'll just say people shouldn't be ashamed of the fiction they like, whatever that may entail. (Trying to shame others for their tastes, or forcing people to like what you like for whatever reason is a terrible idea. Speaking from experience... ^^;)

Unfortunately, this doesn't answer the prompt, about this: Serious Scene From An Anime That Made Me Laugh Instead? Sure, this'll work! It's arguably embarrassing, so it still fits the theme...

And the answer is: the end of Griffith and Guts' water-fight scene in Berserk. (AKA "The naked water fight"~!) 
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Watching that part with group of friends was rather awkward. "No, I'm not laughing at the suggestion of Guts' death. I'm telling the truth, don't look at me like that!" 
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2015-09-22 04:11 pm
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30 Weeks of Anime, Week 1

 In an effort to try to have more things in this journal than exchange letters (and to stave off current writer's block), I've decided to try the 30 Weeks of Anime challenge, based off the original 30 days challenge that's been floating around for awhile. 

So, the first prompt is in some ways the hardest:
1: Anime You Want To Watch

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...And that's it, so far! I'm sure there are more I didn't think of. (I just now noticed Urban Fantasy/Science Fantasy is a common theme. Quelle surprise!)

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2015-07-17 09:56 pm
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The Implacable Mouse

 So the only eventful thing that happened today was that my cat brought a mouse up from the cellar...and proceeded to lose it. Warrior Cat he ain't, clearly.

So after hunting around with him for about a half-hour before giving up, I had dinner, and soon found he'd resumed his Tom and Jerry routine while I was busy. (Best part: at one point that mouse was actually underneath him when he lay down--he almost didn't notice!) After a few rounds of the mouse playing dead, hiding under a doorstop (and somehow not getting crushed; I swear this mouse had/has the rodent equivalent of Battle Continuation), and narrowly escaping multiple times, I finally caught him under a plastic container. The chase was done!

...And then I struggled with putting the lid on the container without setting the mouse free/suffocating him. I can call my cat too lazy and gentle all I want, but I've clearly got the same problem! Eventually I needed an extra pair of hands to put the lid on, and thankfully that went without a hitch (save for some bellowing for assistance on my part).

That was a few minutes ago, I think. Now, the mouse is outside, free from both cats and containers and probably telling all his mouse friends about the time he cheated death. Hopefully he'll warn his brethren away!
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2015-06-17 05:55 pm

Dear M/M Rares author letter

 Dear M/M Rares partner--hallo! I hope this letter helps you when it comes to inspiration--you don't have to take any of the prompts if you don't want to, just follow my likes/dislikes and things should go well. I look forward to whatever you have for me!

My likes are:
-Friends with benefits (with both aspects given equal time)
-Enemies to friends to lovers/enemies to lovers
-Canon divergence AUs and What Ifs
-Master-servant/leader and second in command dynamics, partners 
-Obsession between the hero and villain, mutual or not (of the "do you want to kill him or do him?" variety)
-Seductions (to the light/dark side, to bed, or both--possibly counts as dub-con)
-Quests (for an item, for a person/family, for a home...)
-Found families

My dislikes are:
-Problems caused by misunderstandings that could be cleared up by talking
-Watersports & scat
-Public humiliation

As far as ratings go...G to R would be best, I think. 

Now, the fandoms/pairs! (...I'm sorry some of these are so long. ^^; If it helps, the fandoms are in alphabetical order!)

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Thanks for reading!
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2015-06-14 08:11 pm

My First Fic Exchange Went Well! (Late Post Is Late -_-)

...Better late than never, right? *gasp, wheeze* (...Half of this post spontaneously deleted itself just now, what the--?!)

Anyway, I signed up for Once Upon A Fic Exchange (which DW refuses to let me link to it in the normal way, gaaah) which did great, especially for a brand-new exchange! I'd never signed up for anything like this before, so I wasn't sure what to expect--letters, recipients, gifts and so on. And what did I get? Well, fun! :D /cheesy segue

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I'm definitely doing this exchange next year (unless I have too much RL stuff to do, that is). *nodnod*
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2015-02-25 05:44 pm
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A Meme From the Vaults

Now that I'm no longer sick with whatever bug it was that crawled through my system (and now that I do have a fic nearly finished--but not one for Swapping Fates; that one'll take awhile), I felt like dragging out an old meme from the lj comm fandom_memes because I felt like it. This is the "fandoms as exes/lovers" meme, for lack of a better description, which fits for me since I do feel that kind of "romantic love" of sorts for works of fiction (including my own). Funnily enough, Fate/ isn't on this list. (Who knows, maybe it'll be "the steady" one day! I hope so.)

Which fandom is...

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2015-02-10 01:47 pm

Once Upon A Fic Exchange Letter

(Post has been edited a little, the content is the same. I realized a Read More cut would be necessary. ^^;) 

Hallo, fellow once_upon_a_fic exchanger! This is my very first fic exchange, and like any newbie I'm really excited to be part of this. ^_^ Fairy tales, folklore and etc. are endlessly fascinating to me, as I'm sure they are to you, so if you have a different idea for one of my fandoms that you want to write, knock yourself out! 

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I hope this letter is of inspiration to you, and look forward to your fic! :D
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2015-02-08 01:13 pm

Jupiter Ascending YAAAAAAAY

(Also I finally finished "A Sad, Exalted Dream" a few days ago! *throws confetti and falls over*) 

So yesterday I saw Jupiter Ascending. And I loved it so much. (Why yes, I'm aware my taste is objectively terrible. What can I say? I love campy things. :D Not 24/7, but a large chunk of the time.)

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...And yes, I'm writing fic for Jupiter Ascending. Trying, anyway. There's five fics on AO3, it's a start!
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2015-01-30 03:57 pm
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5 Fannish Things Meme

 Man, A Sad, Exalted Dream is kicking my behind and I have no idea why. This is probably the Swapping Fates fic that's taken the most time, so far. 

So, to deal:

The Top 5 Meme: Ask me my top 5 fannish anything and I'll reply with them in a separate post.
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2015-01-29 08:45 pm

First post!

 I now have a Dreamwidth. 

There'll be lots of talk of writing and fandoms here--mostly Fate/ series related, as that's what I'm into. As my personal life is quite laid-back and uneventful (cue intense knocks on wood), there's not going to be much if any of that!